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    • Thanks to Eric Odum of Net Lease┬áCommercial┬áRE for inviting me to join his monthly podcast to talk about the growth of tech start-ups and the impact on commercial real estate. Three years ago when we met, Coworking was not even on the radar for CRE & economic development. Now that small (& virtual) is the new big, government officials and business leaders are trying to understand what has happened to their traditional market for office space and how should they react. With most of economic development’s efforts focused on development and not economics, this has put a real crimp in many regions’ strategy for growth. Shovel-ready has been replaced by bandwidth and workforce-ready leaving many areas that are dependent on new construction wondering how they are going to recover from the current economic downturn.

      In this video we talk about Coworking as an ideal option for start-ups that needs office space, but we also discuss how the trend toward smaller offices and a distributed workforce started back in the early ’90’s.

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